About Just Pool Chemicals

Just Pool Chemicals was started by recognising a need to move with the times. Swimming pool owners now buy swimming pool chemicals and add-ons for their pools, like they would buy any other product in a shop. 

We all look for valve for money, quality and service. Just Pool chemicals has been set up with that in mind understanding that our buying experience needs to be simple smooth, informative and value for money.
The company Just Pool Chemicals has been set up in 2011 as an online web facility, however we have been in business many years building and refurbishing swimming pool and supplying chemicals and accessories to the pool industry.
We all work longer and harder than ever and recognise the need for a way of seamlessly buying swimming pool chemicals delivered to your door in one simple operation.
Just Pool Chemicals pride ourselves on giving good sound advice which is the key. We know what we are talking about and are happy at any time to help in regard to a query for pool maintenance of chemical supply.
We cater for all clients covering concrete, liner and fibre glass pools. We believe in strong communication and we receive about 30% of new work from recommendations from existing customers.
We understand our customers' needs and that some processes may not be as familiar to some as to others so guidance and advice are needed to help the process.
We constantly strive to be more competitive, cost effective and bring new products to market and will always look at any client requests for new lines.
Just Pool Chemicals are open 24-7 on the internet and deliver using a first class tested Courier service with one of the best reputation in the business.

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